Dorwest - Wheatgerm Oil Capsules

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Dorwest - Wheatgerm Oil Capsules


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Wheatgerm Oil Capsules

Wheatgerm Oil is a premium grade oil naturally rich in Vitamin E to maintain fertility and a healthy reproductive system in both male and female animals. The naturally occurring Vitamin E also maintains a healthy skin, coat and nervous system.


The wheat used in the production of this oil is obtained from non-genetically modified sources.


The capsules can be fed directly into the mouth or added to the daily feed. They are safe for long and short term use and can be given in conjunction with conventional treatments and other herbal products, although please see additional information for further guidance.


Can be given from 8 weeks of age and used during pregnancy and lactation.


Administration Guide: 1 capsule per 10kg bodyweight daily. For dogs and bitches prior to mating, give the maintenance dose one week before mating, doubling the dose the day before and day of mating and then continue to supplement the bitch for three weeks afterwards to protect against abortion and absorption.


Additional Information: Not recommended to be given at the same time as Cod Liver Oil as the benefits of both oils may be reduced. However they can be given on alternate days to provide a range of benefits

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Dorwest - Wheatgerm Oil Capsules

Dorwest - Wheatgerm Oil Capsules

Dorwest - Wheatgerm Oil Capsules


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