Dorwest - Kelp Seaweed Tablets

100s, 200s or 500s

Dorwest - Kelp Seaweed Tablets, 100s, 200 or 500s

Kelp Seaweed Tablets


A licensed herbal medicine for the symptomatic relief of poor hair growth and pigmentation, rheumatic pain and as an aid in the treatment of obesity in cats and dogs.


Due to their high mineral content Kelp Seaweed Tablets improve coat growth and pigmentation as well as being an excellent way to ensure adequate minerals are provided in an easily assimilated organic form. Fuxoxanthin, a pigment found in Kelp has recently been identified as being responsible for assisting in weight loss and Kelp Seaweed Tablets are therefore an effective aid in the treatment of obesity in dogs and cats when given in conjunction with a suitable diet.


The tablets are sugar coated and can be fed directly into the mouth or added to the daily feed. They are safe for long and short term use and can be given in conjunction with conventional treatments and other herbal products.


Can be given from 8 weeks of age and used during pregnancy and lactation.


Precaution: Due to its high iodine content is not recommended for animal below 5kgs bodyweight or those with a thyroid condition except on veterinary advice. Additionally give sparingly to animals to animals with skin problems associated with overheating during hot weather.


Dosage: 1 tablets per 5kg bodyweight daily.

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Dorwest - Kelp Seaweed Tablets

Dorwest - Kelp Seaweed Tablets

Dorwest - Kelp Seaweed Tablets


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