Whimzees - Veggie Strips Medium - 100pcs


Whimzees Veggie Strips

Whimzees Veggie Strips - Medium

Everyone and Every Dog, Loves Whimzees


Our dog chews are vegetarian, gluten-free, with no added preservatives, and nothing artificial. They're made to keep a dog's smile going strong. And that keeps our smiles just as big.



We love dogs. And we love it when dogs have fun. That's why our chews are better-tasting and come in fun, whimsical shapes that we will add to year after year. It's how we fight boredom while we fight plaque.



We guarantee the WHIMZEES meet the highest quality standards and are imported by countries with the very strictest of satety requirements. They're human-food grade, with only six primary, all-natural ingredients. And our manufacturing processes are completely sustainable. 


WHIMZEES are just plain better.

Whimzees Shapes & Sizes


70mm - Extra Small,  Loose 350pcs per box,       Handy bags 48pcs

90mm - Small,          Loose 150pcs per box,       Handy bags 24pcs,             Pre-packed 4pcs

110mm - Medium,    Loose 75pcs per box,         Handy bags 12pcs,             Pre-packed 2pcs

150mm - Large,        Loose 30pcs per box,         Handy bags 6pcs,               Pre-packed 1pc 

190mm - X Large,     Loose 18pcs per box,         Handy bags 3pcs                Pre-packed 1pc


120mm - Small,        Loose 150pcs per box        Handy bags 24pcs+4FOC    Pre-packed 4pcs

150mm - Medium,    Loose 100pcs per box                                              

180mm - Large,        Loose 50pcs per box          Handy bags 6pcs+2FOC      Pre-packed 1pc

240mm - X Large,     Loose 30pcs per box 


Medium                    Loose 75pcs per box         Handy bags 12pcs               Pre-packed 2pcs

Large                        Loose 30pcs per box         Handy bags 6pcs                 Pre-packed 1pc


Large                        Loose 30pcs per box         Handy bags 6pcs                 Pre-packed 1pc

Extra Large                Loose 16pcs per box         Handy bags 3pcs                 Pre-packed 1pc

Veggie Ear:

Large                        Loose 18pcs per box

Cross Bone:

Large                        Loose 50pcs per box



4 Reasons to choose Whimzees

  1. WHERE HEALTH MEETS FUN. - WHIMZEES shapes are good for a giggle, and they're great for a gnawing. Hedgehogs, Alligators,. These aren't your typical dog chews. And we'll introduce new shapes every year to keep dogs in doggie heaven. They'll always be the most fun addition to a dog's dental health.
  2. 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS, 100% DELIGHT - WHIMZEES have only six, all-natural, primary ingredients. That means you're sure to love what it doesn't have too - like NO artificial ingredients, preseratives, flavors, GMOs' gluten, sugar or meat. They're also low in fat and high in fiber. Compare that to the ingredient encyclopedia of most other dog chews.
  3. NO PLAQUE. NO TARTAR. NO HANGDOG FACES. - WHIMZEES promote the kind of dental health that veterinarians and dogs owers love. Their unique Knobby shapes ensure proper blood flow through the gums, and prevent the build-up of tartar and bad breath. And because they're high in fibre, they also help with digestion.
  4. GREAT FOR DOGS. GREAT FOR HUMANS. - WHIMZEES are produced to human- food grade standards with sustainable manufacturing practices. It's all part of Paragon Pet Products' devotion to quality, social responsibility and healthy, happy dog's



  1. POTATO STARCH - Highly Digestible, gluten-free and a great source of energy.
  2. GLYCERIN - Increases palatability and helps our chews retain moisture.
  3. POWDERED CELLULOSE - A pure form of dietary fiber that helps polish a dog's teeth and aids in digestive tract regularity.
  4. LECITHIN - An all natural emulsifier derived from vegetables.
  5. MALT EXTRACT - Gluten-free and improves metabolism, muscle tone and promotes strong bones.
  6. YEAST - Source of B-vitamins, minerals and amino acids for a healthier coat and easy digestion. 
  • RICE - Gluten-free, highly digestible, with important nutrients such as iron, phosphorus and calcium. (RICE BONE ONLY)
  • ALFALFA EXTRACT - For vitamins K, C and six Bs, beta-carotene - our all-natural green colour
  • ANNATTO EXTRACT - Rich source of anti-oxidents, from the Annatto fruit - our all-natural orange colour.
  • MALT EXTRACT - Enhances natural flavor - our all-natural brown colour.
  • CALCIUM CARBONATE - Helps reduce the risk of tooth decay, and helps maintain strong, healthy bones - our all-natural white colour. (Toothbrush XL only)



We're a company of dog-lovers, people lovers and earth-lovers. We're obsessed with bringing only the best, healthiest and most fun dog products to the world. And we do it in a sustainable, socially-responsible way.

PARAGON PET PRODUCTS is among the most advanced, innovative and forward-thinking marketers and manufacturers of dog chews in the world. headquarted in Veendam, the Netherlands, our fully-automated facilites produce to human-food grade standards. You can find our products in over 40 countries, And you can find our handiwork in the smiles of dogs everywhere.

OUR VISION to be the leading global brand in the market for high-quality, healthy, all-natural-ingredients dental dog chews by demonstrating our passion for serving dogs and the their owners.

OUR MISSION to make the healthiest and the most fun, high-quality dog chews in the world. Our chew treats are made from six primary vegetarian, all-natural ingredients, and they make a positive contribution to dogs teeth, health and well-being.

Paragon Pet Products (Masterpet) has always been the source for the best in healthy and fun dental chews. Dogs love them. And dog owners love to feed them to their best friends. That's why we're prouder than ever to introduce WHIMZEES: a fun, new brand for our all-natural-ingredient dog dental chews. The same great product, from a company committed to quality in everything we do. We're still the same leaders in dog health and happiness. And now we're introducing a fun new name to chew on.

WHIMZEES – Complementary food for dogs. 

potato starch, glycerin, powdered cellulose, lecithin, yeast, malt extract, lupine. Additives: natural colorants (an natto extract color 0.1%, alfalfa extract 1.0%)


1 piece per day. Recommended for dogs 9 months and older. Always have fresh water available to your dog and supervise your dog while it is chewing.


Store in an ambient (room temperature), clean and dry place.



Crude Protein - min 1.1%

Crude Fibre - max. 13.7%

Fat Content - max. 2.0%

Crude Ash - max. 2.4%

Moisture - max. 12.0%

£45.04 tax incl.

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Whimzees - Veggie Strips Medium - 100pcs

Whimzees - Veggie Strips Medium - 100pcs

Whimzees - Veggie Strips Medium - 100pcs


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The purchase of new production line enabled us to launch a new range of products for both cat & dog food market. It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

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