The Dogs Dinner by Ann Ridyard

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The Dogs Dinner by Ann Ridgeyard

This book is a simple and straightforward guide through the many paths trying to feed a natural diet to your dog could lead you on, it examines every aspect of the diet our dogs were born to eat and gives you the confidence to swap your own dog over to this method of feeding.

The no-nonsense approach by the author, will guide you through the maze of raw feeding and will show you how to adapt this diet to suit your own circumstances.


If you have ever wondered if there is a better way to feed your dog than the nation's preferred choice of commercially prepared foods....... if you have ever considered that they could be the cause of so many of the health issues we experience with our dogs today and if you are willing to consider that they may be causing your own dog to have health problems, then this is the book for you........Fully illustrated in colour throughout, this book will have you raw feeding with confidence immediately. 

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The Dogs Dinner by Ann Ridyard

The Dogs Dinner by Ann Ridyard

The Dogs Dinner by Ann Ridyard


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